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Created on March 9, 2015

Why Do You Exist

Written by Teyden Haycroft, Marketing Account Manager, Sandbox Brand Marketing

"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom." Socrates

Here’s an easy question to start off your day - Why do you exist?

It may sound a little existential, but when our team is developing brand inspired marketing for your company, be prepared to get asked this question. Over and over again, and then again a different way. Here’s the bottom line - do you truly know your company’s reason for being? The idealistic motivation behind why your company does what it does?

Understanding what drives your company, besides the obvious profit motive, is the first step in uncovering your organization’s Core Purpose - the fundamental reason "why" your company exists in the first place. I’m talking about the reason beyond just making money. Of course, everyone intends to make money from their business, that’s a given, but your company has chosen to make money by offering something of value to the world. Therein lies the true purpose that dictates the reason why your business exists, and should continue to exist. Profit is the result of doing what you do (and doing it well), not the reason why you do it.

Uncovering why your company exists allows you to understand your organization’s ultimate goals, and therefore how your company will act. Core Purpose functions as a compass for every decision your company makes, always leading back to your true north.  It provides clarity and direction as to what your organization is doing, what it is saying, and even how it should feel to interact with you. Core Purpose helps keep you on a path that ultimately supports and reinforces the meaningfulness of what your company has to offer and why it exists.

We know a thing or two about uncovering your company’s Core Purpose. Here’s why it’s so important to us, and should be to your company too: Core Purpose is an idea, not a product or service.  And believe me, people get very, very excited about ideas. Articulating your core purpose and allowing that singular idea to drive everything that your company does, allows you to do truly incredible things with your brand. Expansive ideas, concepts that draw the right people and partners to you. Ideas that inspire people to want to work with you, buy from you, and align themselves with your company.  People buy ideas, not products and services.

If you knew that it was possible to uncover the very purpose of your existence, would there be anything on earth that would stop you from finding out what it is?

Maybe it’s time to uncover your company’s reason for existing. We can help you discover your core.

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.” - Simon Sinek, It Starts With Why

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