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Created on October 9, 2013

Strong Team = Strong Impact

By Melinda Stephenson, Jr. Art Director, Sandbox

For a company to move ahead and prosper, you must have a strong team backing you up. When you spend a lot of time together, this team becomes like a family. Each family member has strong skill sets, and the skill sets are different. Focusing on the strengths will lead everyone effectively to a common goal.

You need to decide if it is in the company’s best interest to improve upon an employees shortcoming or talent. Allowing a member to play out what works best for them can allow you to pair another member whose talent balances the shortcoming of the other. The detail oriented employee teams up with the big picture thinker on an accounts team for example.

Working together, the team may need to work things out on their own. Differences may arise and there has to be open conversation to work through any issues. Having guidelines on team expectations can impact how concerns may play out into solutions. Understanding where the other employee comes from and a bit about their background can make a key difference. Having social opportunities such as regular coffee break hour once a week or team building events can turn what seems to be a bigger issues into nothingness.

Keeping your employees happy and running with their strengths can lead to stronger outcomes for the company. A strong team can lead with strong impact.