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power of weekly townhall meetings
Created on March 13, 2015

The Power of Weekly Townhall Meetings

Written by Stephan Wilhem, Creative Director, Sandbox Brand Marketing

A lot of issues or problems that occur in the workplace happen or are allowed to fester due to poor communication. For those companies small enough to fit everyone around the boardroom table, holding weekly town hall meetings is the best way to keep the channels of communication open.

At Sandbox our town hall meetings are a very beneficial highly effective hour we spend with each other every week. With the realities of working remotely and flexible hours in our workplace it is an essential cultural touchstone that maintains a cadence to our work week. For us we meet every Wednesday morning and follow a flexible but very structured meeting agenda. Our agenda is as follows:

1. Quote of the week - inspiration every week is always a good thing :)

2. Weekly KPI Report - tracking certain metrics and give the entire team visibility hitting their individual actions

3. Sales Training and/or Team Building - we listen to 20 minutes on a variety of topics designed to build our collective knowledge

4. Personal branding/networking - we encourage everyone to play a role in the community to build strong connections outside of our walls

5. Web / social media updates - weekly check in on the status of our stated goals in this area

6. Quarterly goals - weekly check in on everyones individual goals related to quarterly sandbox goals

7. New business updates - weekly check in on where we are with our active leads

8. Core Value Examples - we share any examples from the previous week of where individuals have demonstrated any of our core values

9. Culture - updates that relate to events and/or activities related to our corporate culture

10. Announcements - anything we may have missed or someone needs to get off their chest

11.  5 Star Finish  - short video ad, video, pep talk under 5 mins to end the meeting off on a fun note.

We pack all of this into an hour once a week and ensure that everyone is connected to every aspect of the business, with every opportunity to speak up and be heard. If you want to increase your engagement with your workforce and provide a forum for open communication and feedback, the power of a weekly town hall meeting is something that you should consider.