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Created on September 18, 2014

Intrapreneurship: Innovate From Within. Do you do it?

By Suzy Rounce, Art Director, Sandbox

Women's Executive Network (WXN) offer great breakfast panel discussions and every now and then one strikes me as being so simple yet profound. The topic was on Intrapeneurship: innovate from within. The panel consisted of Dr. Marie Delorme, CEO of Imagination Group, Henry Kutarna, VP of Investment and Marketing at Innovate Calgary and the moderator was Ray DePaul, Director at the Institute of Innovation at MRC. I took away from that many great points I thought were worth sharing.

Be 'T' shaped, work in as many disciplines as possible and be a specialist at the same time. It isn't either/or, it's both, as a manager, owner and employee.

When hiring; motivation is intrinsic and can't be taught, creative thinking on the other hand can be taught according to Dr. Marie. Do your employees ask why you do something a certain way? Perhaps they have a better idea. Embrace that mindset, it will only help your company thrive.

Do you think in terms of social issues and innovation? How can what you do solve or contribute to the betterment of those issues?

Reward the behaviour you seek in your employees - Henry stressed. Do they know how to pitch management an idea that they have? Foster forced collisions between all aspects and departments of your business.
Lastly the WXN panel spoke about what advice they would give to their younger selves after all that they have learned. They talked about dreams and happiness, it seems cliche but there is a reason why cliche is just that. They passionately spoke about things like: taking your dreams seriously, make the conscious choice to be happy, do that which excites you sooner and follow it as soon as you can.

My biggest take away was that it really takes a whole team thinking in a certain way to get the most out of your organization. It says a lot about a company that spends time teaching it's employees how to pitch management and really fosters the Intrapreneurship mindset for innovation.   

Do you have your own ways you foster intrapreneurship? Send us a tweet sharing them to @sandboxyyc.