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Created on September 18, 2014

How to Better Run Your Business? Nature Knows

Introduction by Suzy Rounce, Art Director, Sandbox

Article by  V. Hwang

V. Hwang makes some brilliant points in his short article on how businesses are like ecosystems. They have a lot in common and we would all be more successful if we incorporated these thoughts. “Foster that connectedness and sense of loyalty because the strength of your tribe is like entrepreneurial gold.” Corporate Culture is gold, so valuable that it produces long lasting employees, brand ambassadors, productivity and innovation. It is invaluable mostly because it ties into Hwang’s fourth point – Emotions are a big part of the equation. Like it or not we all feel before we think. We don’t have to make logical sense to have strong feelings or beliefs about anything, especially about companies and their Brand. Use that to your advantage!

Entrepreneurs can learn valuable business management lessons from biology itself.
 Here are four:

1. Diversity can take you farther than expertise.

2. Build a strong tribe.

3. Trust is essential for business growth

4. Emotions are a big part of the equation.

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