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Created on July 5, 2013

15 Marketing Tips to Build Your Online Presence

Introduction by Stephan Wilhelm, Creative Director, Sandbox
Article by Colleen DeBaise

The following 15 tips are a great refresher to keep you focused and on track. They are:

  1. Remember to listen
  2. Build out your company story and team pages
  3. Invest in phenomenal content
  4. Arrange for face time
  5. Measure your online marketing efforts
  6. Don't forget to be human
  7. Guest blog as part of your content strategy
  8. Use data to drive decisions
  9. Offer a free information product, that has value in your customer's mind
  10. Craft a powerful title for you Linkedin profile
  11. Stop arguing and test
  12. Don't use generic emails
  13. Target your marketing to different audiences
  14. Guide the digital experience and contextual click path from a stimulus all the way through desired outcome
  15. Remember that there's a person on the other side, who has a life full of commitments, stresses, activities and deadlines.