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Created on September 11, 2014

How To Socialize Your Brand – Throw Away The Script!

By Shelley Carter

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Think about what being social or socialization really means.  By definition it means gaining an understanding of group dynamics and how to fit in.  It’s not about scripted content that has been researched and scheduled a year in advance and posted without any thought throughout the year. A well-socialized brand goes far beyond a scheduled social media content and visual plan.  


Social Media
Created on December 31, 2013

How is Facebook Falling?

by Melinda Stephenson, Jr. Art Director, Sandbox

I was at a social networking meeting last Friday and the guest speaker mentioned how Facebook is falling. I thought this comment was interesting, since other media has mentioned this and wanted to investigate further. On review of recent articles posted, there does seem to be some movement on the scale of who's hot and not. Twitter and Tumblr are making huge gains on return for investment for the retailer. I've seen the ROI on Twitter work, so what is Tumblr and what makes it so great?


Social Media