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10 Brands That Changed the World

Introduction By Suzy Rounce, Art Director, Sandbox
Article by Robert Klara

Linked here is an interesting Top 10 list of Brands That Changed the World. Most of them won’t surprise you but what is surprising is how their now ‘common place ideas’ were revolutionary at the time and caused division among existing and potential  customers. $4 coffee, no way! Assembly-line fast food, yuk! Finding jeans that fit the way they should, yes please! Those brands are part of our everyday lives now.

Each of these brands either created something where there was an existing need or they created something they passionately believed in and spoke to WHY others need it too. Create a remarkable company that others seek out and want to be a part of both as a customer and employee. These brands found something to rally around, what is your rally point? If you don’t know what it is we can help.

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