Meet Your Team

What is your favourite thing?

office pic lrgThe core team here at Sandbox is a mix of highly passionate and experienced branding experts who love what they do and where they do it. Here’s what happens when you pose the question “What is one of your favourite things about working in the Sandbox office environment?”

Suzy - Art Director With the way the Sandbox office space is set up it's possible to be in your office working while still hearing what is going on with the rest of the team. My favourite moments are when conversations about ideas for a client or concept are being discussed and the whole team spontaneously comes out of their offices and participates in impromptu creative idea discussions. Some of the best thoughts come from these moments when genuine passion for the creative process comes through.

Teyden - Marketing Account Manager I love that we’re a small, but powerful team. We can drop in on each other for quick brainstorming sessions because we’re just down the hall, and our doors are always open to each other. No internal email Fridays spurs this on even more. It’s conducive to impromptu conversations, and the vibe is always casual and fun with a team this size. And of course our canine office mascot, Coco, roaming the hallways and guarding us from wayward FedEx delivery men.

Melinda - Jr Art Director There is the ability to be adaptable and try new things, from account management of projects to design and leading projects. (If you like juggling hats then Sandbox will let you). One other plus is that I love being able to bring my dog to work! She has become part of the team.

Derek - Director of Account Strategy Hands down, the oportunity to learn and grow personally and professionally. At Sandbox we are held accountable for our personal branding and we are encourage to define what that means by participating in a professional organization, where possible at the board of directors level. This push to take myself on at another level has provided me the experience of managing my time and responsibilities at another level of proficiency. You will see the difference whether you're working for or with us!

Stephan - Creative Director It's such a great environment to work in, with a ton of windows and glass walls allowing a lot of natural light, the open floor plan that encourages frequent collaboration to the digital signage throughout the office that always has a variety of inspirational quotes and information. This place is perfectly designed to promote an open exchange of ideas and maximize creativity.