Meet Your Team

The Sandbox Team Gets High Together!

sandbox team-lrgLeave it up to Suzy (our Art Director)  to create a team event that has the fear of death built into it. Last year it was 4 days with the Soldiers of Fitness folks. That experience entailed 7:00 am mornings dragging tires and pipes up muddy hills while doing burpees, push ups and jumping jacks.

Having survived this near death experience we asked Suzy to step up to the plate again this year and come up with an event we could do together that would challenge the Sandbox team and take us out of our comfort levels. Last week we drove out past Bragg Creek to Easter Seals – Camp Horizon and their ropes course. If you have not completed something like this I would  highly recommend it… once. As we climbed up over 25 feet off the ground and stepped out on the small deck everyone's smiles showed the strain of fear. My smile especially looked more like I was grinding my teeth.

Amazingly, everyone completed the course which also included climbing up to the highest level around 35 feet off the ground. As luck would have it I was paired up with Suzy. I would describe Suzy as the closest thing we have to a thrill seeker/extreme sport person on the Sandbox Team. Suzy was not afraid to jump out onto the cable and walk across to the next deck and then turn back to me and say "let's go".

Our exciting and challenging day ended with a zip line back down to earth.

Why would we do this you ask? Suzy came up with the idea in support of many of our core values including "have some fun" and "embrace your inner sidekick".