Your story is your brand, and it plays out in your company every day.

Everyone deserves a better brand. Your story is your brand, and it plays out in your company every day. Once you begin to harness and craft your story, you’ll find your business will start to create an impact that you never thought possible. We’re here to help you find out what that story is.

You will find that Sandbox is not your typical advertising, digital, or design agency. We are a business-minded group of individuals, first and foremost. Our team is exceptional at marketing your business, building your creative, or crafting your messaging – but not for the sake of designing pretty pictures and words. Everything we do has the singular intent of driving your business goals forward and positioning you for success. No fluff, just results.

The Sandbox professionals that we worked with used their methodology to help us uncover authentically what makes Startec unique. Our unique approach to business and culture was captured and portrayed through the concept of the Everyday Maverick.  Using this anchor Sandbox has worked with us to evolve all of our marketing assets including our web site and social platforms. Our monthly Analytics Performance meetings help us to connect the dots on our marketing efforts and budgets to the prospects being generated. We have thoroughly enjoyed the relationship with Sandbox and our business has a measurable benefit both in terms of business and in the ability to attract new employees from the work they have done with us.

Joel Cawthorn • President, Startec Refrigeration Services

“The team at Sandbox was such an integral part in helping us elevate our presence online via social media and on our website. They made the website rebuild process feel seamless and stress-free and continue to provide us with all the support we need to continue to make our presence known. Rod’s vast business knowledge & understanding really helped to uncover who we are as and company and was instrumental in paving the way in helping us to build a strong Strategic business plan that suits our needs.”

Cameron Overacker • President, Primco

Market Research

When you know better, you can do better. You need to be armed with the market knowledge that provides helpful insights into the landscape of your category, is tuned into what your competition is doing and saying, and comprehends the journey your customers will take.

Sandbox does a deep dive inside your organization and the marketplace to understand what is working and what is not. We’ll explore your current brand and how it is perceived, interpret how you measure up to your competitors, and determine how your customers find and buy from you. Uncovering your customers’ path to purchase and how and when to influence them allows you to build better programs to capture your target’s attention, leave an impression, and set them up to buy from your brand versus competitors when they are ready to make their purchase. We will arm you with understanding how best to invest your marketing dollars for maximum and realistic returns.

Sandbox seeks first to understand:

  • Market Research
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Qualitative Research
  • Quantitative Research
  • Competitive Research & Analysis
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Competitive Digital Audits
  • Customer Research & Analysis
  • Customer Path to Purchase
  • Customer Buying Cycle
  • Target Focus Groups

Sandbox can help provide you with deeper understanding of your business and marketing landscape.

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Without a formal plan, why invest in any marketing efforts? Investing resources in marketing tactics requires a formalized business strategy and then a game plan for how to execute it. Not only that, but your plan requires an agile marketing team to constantly respond to what is working, disengage with what is not, and adjust the plan accordingly.

Sandbox works with your organization’s key stakeholders to chart the optimum path to achieve your business objectives. We deliver a go-to marketing plan designed to maximize results for your investment, with the right marketing mix of tactics, channels and budget allocation to reach your target audience successfully. Each point of contact with your audience is considered, and your tactical plans are drawn up to reach your target effectively and with efficient use of marketing dollars. You will benefit from having your plan in a one-page document for ease of execution, understanding, and accountability.

Sandbox details the approach and specific tactics to achieve your organization’s goals:

Sandbox can help you see results faster.

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Your target customers have millions of voices coming at them, and yours is just one of them. How do you stand above the crowd to garner enough of their attention to make an impression? Even then, do you understand what impression your brand gives or how it is perceived in the minds and hearts of your target?

Your brand is defined by how others distinguish your organization’s identity from that of your rivals. This identity is all driven from your unique position and authentic story, aligned with a plan for how to tell it. Sandbox brings your brand’s story to life through compelling creative, crafting how your organization looks and sounds, but more importantly how your brand feels to your customers when they think of you.

Sandbox develops extraordinary creative assets that reflect your organization’s story:

  • Brand Development
    • Logo Design
    • Product Branding / Packaging
    • Photography / Imagery
    • Key Messaging / Copywriting
    • Brand Standards / Visual Guidelines
  • Online
    • Website Design / Website Coding
    • Social Media Posts / Social Media Page Design
    • Mobile Apps Design / Mobile Apps Development
    • E-Newsletters
    • Digital Advertisements
  • Offline
    • Brochure Design / Sales Collateral
    • Billboards / Bus Bench Ads / Out of Home
    • Print / Magazine / Newspaper Ads
    • Direct Mailers / Ad Mailers
  • Video
    • TV Ads
    • YouTube Ads
    • Website Video
    • Employee / Founder Spotlights
    • Company Story
    • How-To’s
    • Educational / Informational
  • Radio
    • Scripts
    • Jingles
    • Voiceover
    • Production
  • Corporate
    • Signage
    • Business Cards
    • Presentations / Power Point
    • Annual Reports
    • Posters
    • Merchandise
    • Uniforms
    • Vehicle Graphics
    • Employee / Team Materials

Sandbox can help you craft how your brand is perceived in the world.

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Your business can be driving more leads. Usually, this is the ultimate goal when companies come to us. We hear the question posed often, in varying ways. How do we grow revenue? Increase sales? Get more customers? Close more sales?

Sandbox generates leads into your business by uncovering your target audience’s buying cycle journey: mapping their path to purchase, identifying triggers and barriers, and understanding their motivators at each stage of their consumer journey.  This allows you to understand your customer’s experiences and how best to move them through the acquisition process and sales funnel more efficiently, effectively, and economically. Your business will experience the benefits of having the right leads come to you at the right time.

Sandbox builds and executes effective campaigns to achieve business objectives:

  • Awareness Generation
  • PR (Media Outreach, Articles, Blogs, Newsletters, Online Posts, Reports)
  • Experiential (Trade shows, Events, Partnerships)
  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Marketing (Organic and Paid)
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Sales & Promotions
  • In-store/Point of Sale
  • Customer Retention
  • Loyalty Programs

Sandbox can help you drive the right customers to your company.

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Consulting Services

Have you ever thought, “We should just hire a person in-house that can manage all of our marketing services”? Or do you already have a team in place with strengths in some areas, but missing certain marketing expertise, say in social media, website development, lead generation, loyalty programs or even sales promotions? Maybe you have a project that requires the strategic or creative kick you can receive from a team of individuals with an outside perspective.

At Sandbox, we embrace our inner sidekicks. We offer our clients several methods to design and build a team of marketing support professionals around the needs of your brand marketing efforts.  One single person cannot typically deliver all things at the level required for most businesses.  We are able to provide an entire team of marketing experts, comprised of individuals with diverse experience and depth of knowledge, for the same cost as the salary of one in-house talent.

Sandbox offers supplemental consultancy services and marketing support for your organization:

  • Marketing Consulting
  • Business Consulting
  • Strategic Consulting
  • Digital Solutions
  • Social Media Support
  • Content Creation
  • Marketing Support
  • Creative Support
  • Copywriting Support
  • Graphic Design Support

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