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Who we are

Let’s start with who we are not.

We are not a graphic design firm, a tactical firm, a firm for the established brands, a vendor, a smoke and mirrors firm, a firm with arrogance, a firm that commits but fails to follow through, a firm that automates its services for a higher return.

Sandbox exists to reveal true greatness

We are a firm for entrepreneurs of startup to mid-size organizations that want to stand out from their competition in authentic and compelling ways. We are a firm that can dig deep with people and organizations that want to create significant impact in their markets and in the world.

We are a firm for those that are on the path of building something great but have not uncovered their true purpose. We are a firm that helps the humble win against the arrogant, the ethical and driven win against the flashy blow-hards.

Sandbox Team

Rod Anderson


“I believe that the things that make us different are the things that make us great.”

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Stephan Wilhelm

Creative Director

“It’s about connecting the dots, making connections between different ideas and putting them all together in a cohesive form.”

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Josie Butler


“Take the positives and negatives life throws us and make the best out of a situation.”

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Coty Walker

Digital Director

“From my experience on the other side of the table, I value consultants more. The ones that would challenge me, or show me a different perspective, or that there is a better way.”

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Teyden Haycroft

Marketing Account Manager

“Know what you want. Then pursue it with reckless abandon.”

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Shelley Carter

Brand Mediator, Engagement Marketing & Sales Consultant

“When you shift your focus from success to service, your work no matter what you do will instantly have more meaning.”

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Melinda Stephenson

Jr. Art Director

“Always consider your audience first, the design will follow.”

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Farkhod Fayzullaev

Digital Account Manager

“Just start. You can’t know what challenges you might encounter and how to solve them. Start, don’t be afraid to make some mistakes and you’ll learn a lot along the way.”

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Revealing True Greatness in the Community

Stephan Wilhelm

Host, CreativeMornings YYC

“Unlike development webinars or stuffy professional mixers, CreativeMornings is laid back and accessible.”

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Suite 200, 6325 10 St SE, Calgary, Alberta T2H 2Z9