Who we are

Let’s start with who we are not.

We are not a graphic design firm, a tactical firm, a firm for the established brands, a vendor, a smoke and mirrors firm, a firm with arrogance, a firm that commits but fails to follow through, a firm that automates its services for a higher return.

Sandbox exists to reveal true greatness

We are a firm for entrepreneurs of startup to mid-size organizations that want to stand out from their competition in authentic and compelling ways. We are a firm that can dig deep with people and organizations that want to create significant impact in their markets and in the world.

We are a firm for those that are on the path of building something great but have not uncovered their true purpose. We are a firm that helps the humble win against the arrogant, the ethical and driven win against the flashy blow-hards.

Sandbox Team

Rod Anderson


“I believe that the things that make us different are the things that make us great.”

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Josie Butler


“Take the positives and negatives life throws us and make the best out of a situation.”

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Teyden Haycroft

Marketing Account Manager

“Know what you want. Then pursue it with reckless abandon.”

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Shelley Carter

Brand Mediator, Engagement Marketing & Sales Consultant

“When you shift your focus from success to service, your work no matter what you do will instantly have more meaning.”

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Julie Neuman

Graphic Designer

“Help others get to their true greatness, because there is no point in moving forward if you aren’t taking others with you.”

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Kevin Stenhouse

Graphic Designer

“We each have a unique perspective, story, and way of contributing. When we share it openly and honestly, and are willing to receive the same from others, we are at our best.”

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Amanda Batchelor

Senior Graphic Designer

“Appreciate the creative journey. Getting there is half the fun!”

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Revealing True Greatness in the Community

Rod Anderson

“I believe what makes you different makes you great”

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Teyden Haycroft

Brand Strategy Consultant, The ACE Class

“Our events are created with the modern, get-shit-done woman in mind. We know you don’t have time for bullshit – you’re too busy running your empire.”

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